The Best card to make corporate payments and give employee benefits on the market

The Best card to make corporate payments and give employee benefits on the market

If you are a BAX Network member company you can request a corporate card for your company and covered cards for your employees with your BAX balance.  They can use it to pay for corporate expenses and personal purchases in establishments of the BAX network.

If you are an individual you can get a BAXPAY card from a BAX Network member company.  The BAX balance will be charged every time you make a purchase on the BAX network establishments and you can use the accumulated balance for purchases throughout our network.  No money is involved.


Once approved, you can use your virtual card immediately. You will receive a gift balance for activating it. Easy to start, easy to scale.


The only corporate card that does not require personal guarantees, credit scores, or security deposits. If you are a member company only your BAX account. As an individual, you must be of legal age and have a US ID.


A single card to be used at hundreds of stores and merchants participating in the BAX network.

works as a virtual wallet on your phone

By downloading the BAXPAY app for free from the app stores, you will be able to activate your card, keep your balance under control, check the nearest active participating merchants and make BAX payments at any store in our network.

Card activation is simple and free and will allow you to make BAX payments conveniently. (Remember, 1 BAX = 1 dollar).

payment is easy and simple

Ask if the merchant has the option to pay with BAXPAY from BAX. 

1. Enter the BAXPAY App from your cell phone, click on the pay button of the App (with QR icon).

2. Scan the merchant code. 

3. Enter the value, correct it, accept and conclude the transaction.



Enter the world of BAXPAY: Activate your card immediately!

  • Make your purchases and get recharges in BAX credits.
  • A single card to be used in hundreds of BAX Network stores.
  • All in one application: Always keep your balance updated, always pay, and always carry your card with you!
  • Save many dollars by using the BAXPAY card for your purchases and expenses.

A simple example: with a card balance of 250,000 BAX, a card user can …

Dine at one of the many BAX restaurants (e.g., for 120 BAX).
Buy flowers at one of the affiliated flower shops (e.g., for 40 BAX).
Wash your car at a BAX car wash (e.g., for 20 BAX).
And buy something at one of the many BAX clothing stores (e.g., for 70 BAX).

You see: by choosing to use your BAXPAY card, you also support your fellow BAX members and local merchants.

That will always be our main goal!

Enter the BAXPAY world

The card’s activation is simple and free and will allow you to make payments in BAX with convenience. (Remember, 1 BAX = 1 dollar).


Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have a question that is not listed here? Let us know at [email protected]

You can obtain your BAXPAY card in several ways:

  • If you are a member company you can activate your corporate cards from your account manager.
  • Applying through the website. (individuals)
  • Downloading the BAXPAY application and registering. (individuals)
  • Applying during BAX and partner events.

Activating your BAXPAY card is very simple.

Go to ACTIVATE CARD, INSIDE THE APP once you have registered in the app.
You will receive a first welcome email to your email address containing a confirmation link. Simply click on the link to join the revolutionary BAXPAY program.

If you applied through the site, there is only one thing left for you to do: download the BAXPAY app to always see your balance, find out what activities are involved in the program, make payments and carry your digital card with you at all times.

The activation of the BAXPAY card gives you access to all the benefits of the program.

With a non-active card you can obtain BAX recharges, but you will not be able to use it to pay for your purchases.

The activation of the card, simple and free, will allow you to make payments in BAX with comfort. (Remember, 1 BAX = 1 dollar).

Also, just by registering your BAXPAY card, you can access your account to see your balance.

Make sure that the confirmation e-mail is not in the «Spam» box. Otherwise, it is necessary to request a second email to be sent, as indicated in the registration procedure.

No, you cannot transfer your BAXPAY card.

You cannot activate more than one BAXPAY card in your name. It is impossible to have two with the same email address and the same ID.

By downloading the BAXPAY app for free on AppStore and Google Play, you can always keep your balance under control, check which are the nearest active participating merchants and stores, and make BAX payments at the operating stores.

If you do not remember your credentials, follow the password recovery procedure indicated in the app.

We recommend that you always consult the map before visiting a store. This is to know the status of each store «reload only / acceptance only / reload and acceptance» may vary. This way, you will have an updated view of the participating stores and merchants where you can:

– Reload your card.
– Spend your BAX.
– Choose between the above two options.
– In addition, by clicking on each merchant you will be able to find out the reload and/or acceptance percentage reserved for program members.

The BAXPAY card can be reloaded from a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 100% of the total amount spent in dollars. To find out which thresholds have been made available by individual merchants, please refer to the map. Remember to notify the merchant of your desire to reload your BAXPAY card.

Each merchant participating in the program provides an acceptance threshold in BAXPAY.

What does this mean?

Each product or service can be paid in BAX. If there are enough BAX, the minimum acceptance threshold is 25% of the total amount, up to a maximum of 100%.  In case of insufficient BAX, only the available amount can be used. To know the dedicated percentage, consult the map in the BAXPAY application.

BAX obtained through the BAXPAY program expire on 12/31 each year. Any extension will be communicated by BAX Network.

In the event that the operator realizes that a recharge has been made for an amount greater than the amount paid (e.g. because the invoice amount was entered incorrectly) you must immediately contact the customer who owns the recharged BAXPAY card.

Only the account holder linked to the reloaded BAXPAY card can request a cancellation.

Therefore, after having contacted him/her and explained the situation, the operator will have to ask the BAXPAY Card owner if the BAXPAY Card has been registered.

Once the match of the document sent with the BAXPAY Card holder has been verified, BAXPAY will provide the cancellation and the merchant will be able to make the new credit with the correct amount.

I want an invitation!

In this first beta of launch, it can only be accessed by invitation. Leave us your information, and you will enter the waiting list to receive your access.


Specific features of the BAX currency:

  • The value of 1 BAX = 1 DOLLAR.
  • Complementary currency: works alongside the DOLLAR, not as a substitute for the dollar.
  • No coins or BILLS.
  • Only valid within the BAX network.
  • Not exchangeable for DOLLARS.
  • Functions without interest.

Accounting processing

BAX is an official bargaining chip and should therefore also be included in your accounting.

  • Each sale through BANTEX usually is invoiced in dollars, and therefore TAX must be charged usually.
  • It is only the payment method that is different.
  • Payment is totally in BAX.
  • The BAX account is an additional financial account (just like another bank account).

No te quedes sin abrir tu cuenta en BAX! Recuerda, en BAX canjeas tu inventario quieto, espacio vacío, tiempo libre o capacidad sin usar para obtener productos o servicios necesarios para financiar tu negocio, sin dinero de por medio. Y totalmente gratis! Accede a todos los beneficios y obtén un cupo inmediato para compras dentro de BAX: